Hand Size

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One of the most exhilarating aspects of Chaos Fractal is the number of cards that both players usually have, in their hands, as a game progresses. If you have ever played other Collectible Card Games before, you probably know how difficult it can be to keep a decent number of cards in your hand, while still using cards as resources and playing creatures. Rather than creating many cards that let the player draw more cards, we've simply eliminated the need to play cards from your hand in order to get resources to pay costs for the cards you actually plan to use.

The first thing you'll probably notice is that this lets you make more complex plans without fear of not getting the cards you need quickly enough to execute them. You can look at your starting hand, and decide what path you want to take, without having to worry about what cards you need to give up. Better yet, you also don't have to worry that you end up giving up a card that will help you against one of your opponent's strategies. The only difference would be when you actually play that card.

The second thing most players will notice is that things get interesting very quickly against an opponent whose hand of cards contains just as many options and potential strategies as their own. That's one of the most appealing aspects of any card game. The excitement of trying to out-think and out-play an opponent who may have just as many tricks ready as you do. What makes this even more intense is the sheer number of different strategies that players can use, even with just one or two elements in their decks. That's the power of a large hand of cards. Adapting to the flow, going with your instincts on how to start the clash, and then either following through, or quickly shifting your strategy if you need to.

All these options on both sides make the game's tension and excitement high from the very beginning, and as players improve their skills, this only gets more intense. Progressing into the game does not mean that this tension is going to let up, easily, either! With every new card that either player draws likely to have some effect on the game, good players will have to consider their moves carefully and not give an inch, strategically, if they can help it! Being able to predict what an opponent will do with just one card in their hand may be easy, but when they have three or four, you'll have to put some thought into it!

Whether you focus on boosting your own speed and power with Fire and Wind element cards, diminishing your opponent with Gravity and Lightning techniques, or if you go one step further and play some other combination, mastering the art of switching skills on the fly, you will definitely have to find a way. If not, you'll be swept up in the power of unpredictability that starts to take hold on a game when both players begin to amass large numbers of creatures in the conflict, and even the most powerful of spells start to become efficient. The most powerful creatures also appear much more easily, and usually, those creatures have just been waiting for the right time to make their move, since you never needed to play them as resources, they were in your hand all along.

Chaos Fractal also includes a single chance 'mulligan' at the beginning of a game. If you draw and find you don't have the cards needed to get your strategy started the way you want, simply use the Mulligan to return your hand to your deck, shuffle it, and draw a new hand of cards, in hopes of getting a better spread of options. You can use this to switch up your strategy before the game even begins!

If this sounds like a challenge to get used to, don't worry. After a few games you'll be right there in the action, learning and adapting by the moment. Few card game experiences compare to the thrill of being ready for your opponent, but we go beyond that. By refusing to limit players into giving up cards for progression, we give you the next level of that experience. Not being simply ready with a counter, but being ready with a counter move for the counter move your opponent uses for yours!

It is for this reason that we put so much effort into designing a game where players don't have to rely so much on luck in order to have the right options in their hand. The aim is to make it so that the main reason a player would have no cards in their hand, is that they sent them into the conflict already and are giving it all they've got!