The Story

The Chaos Fractal story is authored by the creator of Chaos Fractal. It represents the semi-artificial online dueling climate of the community at varying points in the history of the game, through featuring the ideas and opinions of those considered to be the best players of the game at that time.

The duels are all real (any complete duel, or any duel with named participants), with the actual games adapted from duel logs taken using the Kirricorp Portal online dueling program. In many cases, the players are also real people, and important pieces of dialogue are taken directly from the duel log or opinions expressed on forums. The story itself represents this through a fictional virtual world in which the KirriCorp chain of companies distributes and runs Chaos Fractal.

Episode 1 - Death and Rebirth
Episode 2 - But Above All Know Yourself
Episode 3 - Curiouser And Curiouser
Episode 4 - Presentation Is Key
Episode 5 - Oh There It Is!
Episode 6 - A Warm Welcome
Episode 7 - Heartbeat! A Roaring Flame!
Episode 8 - Escalator Music
Episode 9 - Simulation Demonstration
Episode 10 - Gravity Of Situation