Fight the good fight with the Regency. Our forces use our highly disciplined troops and advanced battle tactics to overwhelm our opponents with ferocious might and bravery. Responding to an opponent with a moments notice our Regent forces use tempo as our fueling adrenaline and match the opponents every move. Our superior tactics will crush the enemy and restore peace in the battle of Chaos Fractal. Pick up the tempo!

The battle of Chaos Fractal is harsh demanding and can turn on you at any point. We of the Affinity must be swift and agile if we are to avoid defeat. To join the Affinity is to never be without a helping or healing hand. Our forces scatter and mesmerize our opponents as they look behind them to see what the sounds were that licked their ears in the wind. We hold steadfast and conquer our enemy. Join the Affinity if you desire to survive this brutal battle through cunning stealth and a swarm of helpful allies. Take to the skies!

Those aligned with Dynasty are masters of the art of redirection. When diplomacy fails between the fractals and tides are not kept at bay, the strength of their opponents shall surely be consumed into nothingness. Once allied with the forces of Dynasty, even the most powerful of your foes shall feel the toxic grasp of fear, as their armies are chilled to the core and drawn into the ocean's inescapable abyss. Plunge into the depths!

From the depths below to the earth above the Dominion lays its claim. Our forces stand strong even in the smallest of our ranks. With a heavy strike we obliterate our opponents with our might. With explosive might we shift our opponent with the force of a volcano and the patience of stone. Join the Dominion to fight from below and to send hurtling power towards your opponents. With the Dominion you will always have strength on your side. Every ally you can count with Dominion in the battle of Chaos Fractal. Quake with might!