The creatures of the Earth element, though they occupy a wide variety of environments, are all connected and categorized by their strong connection with the planet, and by extension, each other. The innate unity that creatures of Earth have with one another is what defines how they approach combat, both offensively and defensively.

This unity can perhaps be most obviously seen through the semisentient creatures known as Great Vines. One of the most pervasively common Earth creature types, Great Vines are cultivated by the other denizens of Earth for their properties of reactively spreading in response to the actions of either allies or enemies. Some Great Vines will cover surrounding creatures deemed allies in a natural root-like armor, refining this process as more creatures of a respective race enter the conflict. Others will grow in response to perceived threats, either expanding their own size directly, or reactively defending allied creatures with defensive barriers whenever they would be struck.

Similar combat tactics can be seen in both the Majests and Epic Mounts. Being herd animals, several of these massive creatures have steadily developed the ability to draw strength from nearby allies. Even the energies of creatures from different elements can be harnessed through the mystic powers of these beasts, so long as they are fighting for the same cause, either strengthening the beasts directly or adding power anew to those they are supporting as a whole. Others have the ability to herald new allies into a conflict, forming a stampede of unified creatures that can be almost impossible to resist.

Though they can take longer to enter a battle, and often are best guided in by their smaller counterparts, the larger creatures of Earth tend to be very physically strong, capable of simply overpowering most creatures they can get into direct combat with. This emphasis on physical power can be deadly when considered in tandem with Earth's tendency to build large forces. This is also evident in the element's magic; Earth spells tend to directly enhance of the creature benefiting from them. It is not uncommon for creatures enhanced in this way to damage enemy fortifications even when intercepted by defenders, such is their raw strength.

However, while the forces of Earth are capable of building very powerful and stable armies, they are often dependent on direct conflict with the enemy to display their true power. Earth magic is excellent at increasing physical prowess, but seldom are there ways to remove enemy presence without a direct fight. Likewise, Earth's combat philosophy of victory through unified physical might means that the element has no direct defensive creatures, instead relying the sheer power and durability of their combined forces to intimidate enemy attackers and keep them at bay.

Once a force of Earth creatures is properly assembled for battle, it can be almost impossible to stop. However, several of this element's more powerful members can be slow to enter battle without assistance. If the enemy is either fast enough or precise enough to disrupt Earth's unified front before it can be properly formed, it can be very difficult for them to recover. Every battle must start with the seeds of the Earth before calling forth the giants of their forces. Without a sturdy foundation for an Earth army's mighty titans to enter the fray, its forces are barren. It is this notable symbiosis within the ranks of Earth that marks their might.

Overall, while the forces of Earth can be slow to build their strength, a fully-fortified unit of these creatures is nearly unstoppable, and capable of weathering nearly any onslaught. Those who wish to build a force that can endure all but the fiercest of attacks will find themselves perfectly suited to commanding the power of Earth.