Announcing Set 5: Harshest of Winters

The skies grew hazy with ash. The winds bore it to the corner of the world. The light from above dimmed as ashen thunderstorms blanketed the heavens for days at a time. After the powerful flow of fiery earth that marked the Eruption of Izcuahatl, darkness began to cover the world. Slowly, just as the waters had warmed a bit, they now began to cool, and the currents changed once more.

So begins the year that once again shifts the world. The year the denizens of Fire may one day call the worst day of their lives. The weak may not survive, and those adapted to life where food is scarce and motion is a thing to be used sparingly, will rise. The very magic of the air will change and the traits of cunning and adaptability will decide the fates of millions of life forms on the planet.

The most extreme change in climate in four hundred years now begins, with the Harshest Of Winters.

Forge bonds with new creatures that rely on strength, cunning, and ruthless independence to survive the falling temperatures, or use new magic developed by the more social groups to help them hold their own in this world of new threats and fierce competition for food and resources. Ally with those of the ice realms, whose resistance to the change may just manage to grant them a tiny edge, or blaze your own path with the undaunted will of Fire! Only you can decide your way forward, and how you will adapt to the changes that this Harshest of Winters will bring!

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