Chaos Fractal is built on the Kirricorp Portal software (or KP for short), and can be played online on any browser which supports Java, or downloaded and played directly from your computer. KP requires the latest version of Java.

If you encounter a Java security error like the one below, you will need to add an exception by following these instructions.

First, open the "Configure Java" application from your start menu.

When opened correctly, the configuration menu looks like this:

Second, go to the "Security" tab.

When opened correctly, the "Security" tab looks like this:

Third, click on "Edit Site List" at the bottom right, under the "Exception Site List" heading.

Fourth, click on "Add Site" and enter "".

When added correctly, the "Exception Site List" window looks like this:

Close these windows. You will now be able to run KP.

If you still have trouble, come ask for help in our chat room.