The life forms that make up the Dynasty live in the waters of the world, from just below the surface where the flows are light and currents are the way of life, to the frigid depths where the pressure forces organisms to adapt in odd ways. Some live in and on the ice floes. Sometimes the ice itself provides the body for living things.

The abilities of these life forms vary, but generally revolve around manipulation of resources rather than gain, and distorting opponents, either the amount of energy they can use, or the resources available to them, outright, depending on the element. One ability that is interestingly common at all depths and flows of the Dynasty is their potent poison, with multiple creatures being lethally Toxic.

Dynasty Elements


Dynasty Races

Deep Thought

The Deep Thought are a race of sentient entities that exist in the depths of the oceans of the parallel world. Little is known about them directly as a species, with each one seemingly a mass of consciousness. Their forms vary from confusing and indescribable to outright non-corporeal, but what is clear about them is that they are both relatively benevolent, and extremely intelligent. Despite existing at these depths at almost all times, they are capable of projecting energy and gravitational fields great distances, giving them almost complete control of their surroundings in some cases. Their limitation appears to be linked to a general one, as the further they must project their power, the less effect it has. The ones which reside deepest in the ocean, therefore, seem to have the least combat potential, as even dissipating their gravitic projections fundamentally seems to defeat them.

Fortunately for the Deep Thought and their allies, these beings are either undying, or have the ability to resurrect themselves. The latter is more likely, as Deep Thought are also known to grant a strange sort of 'eternal life' to those who become close to them. Defeated allies, especially those that fall into the ocean or naturally live there, return to life with tales of being consoled by a Deep Thought that identifies 'herself' only as 'Indigo'. These fortunate ones often must recover at least a bit before they can return to conflicts, but even those that do not return can transfer their will to fight into power of another Deep Thought that is known to many as 'Jonas'.

Despite their strange and secluded nature, there are speculations that the Deep Thought are simply the spiritual counterparts of the skyfaring Luminaires, as they have similar abilities and methods of telepathic communication. Most interesting of all, the two races seem to have no enmity at all between them, unlike most other creatures of opposing elements. The reason for this placid reaction to their own polar opposites is one of the greatest mysteries of their world.


In a more primitive time or place, the Glacia might have been referred to as 'Ice people' or 'Ice monsters' depending on which form they took. Glacia live on or in ice floes in areas where the atmosphere is sometimes slightly warmer than the freezing point of water at times, or direct sunlight is available. Their bodies of ice absorb this external heat and radiation to sustain their function. They are, in actuality, living embodiments of Ice elemental energy in themselves, using their thermal control abilities to support the existence of their bodies more-so than their consciousnesses, which can survive quite a bit more, even if only for short periods. Despite their great intelligence, their combat capacities are often very limited, since effective use of their bodies requires great concentration.

Glacia's power, once applied, though, can be very high, specially in terms of their ability to control temperatures in the water and sometimes even water currents. It is this ability, contrasted with the control over the cold winds exhibited by the Valkyries, that causes them to be classed in the Dynasty Quadrant. Individual Glacia are often solitary, since congregating together in most of their preferred climates only results in less energy for all. However they are often seen together if their territory as a while comes under attack, or when passing through certain warmer areas where they need solidarity in order to drift safely to new areas.

Due to their nature, they are unable to sink into the oceans for direct communication with many other Dynasty creatures, and may be seen more often with Ice Sprites or the Valkyries. Communication with them is minimal due to the directions their thoughts tend to go. They use very few thought shapes, as they lack understanding of most concepts or needs of other creatures, as they have no predators and no understanding of taste or hunger.


The Sharks that move silently through the waters of the world come in dozens of shapes and sizes, and are some of the most intelligent fish one can find. It is this intelligence, combined with their natural ferocity, that makes the sharks the deadliest physical predators of Water, and furthermore makes it possible for them to be organized into forces that pose even more severe threat. Streamlined and adapted to their underwater hunting, their mobility in the water gives them great advantages of multiple kinds, often differing greatly from one shark to another. This versatility makes it almost impossible to be completely sure what sharks are, or are not, capable of, unless one has had encounters with them before. Unfortunately, not many creatures that have direct contact with sharks survive long enough to say they have learned much, since the best approach when it comes to these creatures is 'kill first, then run'.

Many of the other creatures of the Dynasty manage to deal with these creatures fine, however. Sharks fundamentally prefer fish over all other fare, so most of the invertebrate Submarina do not count as their prey. Whales are also usually safe, and Sharks have no way at all of preying on Deep Thought, Glacia, while few eat the Shelled. Finally, surprisingly, the Sirens are able to tame and befriend Sharks with great ease, and Sharks are intelligent enough to understand the difference between friend and foe, though they have considerably more trouble distinguishing between the concepts of foe and 'food'. Anything that a Shark identifies as its friend is usually considered 'someone who helps get food'. Anything a Shark identifies as its enemy is simply considered 'food', and is very likely to have an encounter with powerful jaws and ripping teeth.

Surprisingly, Sharks are generally not actually territorial, possibly because they simply consider all the oceans to be their territory automatically. This makes it easier for the other creatures of the Dynasty to get along with their allied 'death machines', as the sharks simply come and go as they please.