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Announcing Set 5: Harshest of Winters! Coming September 31st!
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Chaos Fractal is a free online card game of colliding forces played on the Kirricorp Portal - KP for short, developed by Kirricorp and contributions from the community. The game is available through dedicated server based software, allowing you to get into the action from any computer able to run Java applets, even in your browsers! Chaos Fractal is easy to learn, but challenging to master. So jump in, challenge your friends, and explore the exciting struggle.

One of the crucial parts of Chaos Fractal is the Tempo system, which allows the feel of progressive card games without requiring players to use any cards from their hand. This lets you experience truly dynamic action, and devote every card you draw to your plan. The effect this has on this type of game is truly a rush! Read more about it!

There's more to the tempo system than just saving cards in hand. Steady flow of both resources every turn opens up hundreds of cohesive strategies. Conserve your own tempo, or set back your opponent to create the ebb and flow of dominance in the conflict that Chaos Fractal is designed to bring out in nearly every game! Dive right in!

Designed from the ground up with all this in mind, Chaos Fractal has a solid base it builds on, as an Online Card Game. Players can find what they like without needing to worry about large variance in the effectiveness of cards of the same cost, but beware, this means there's no easy answer to a tough opponent! See for yourself!

Chaos Fractal is very fast paced compared to most progressive card games, even when the player's style is not based on early attacks. Tactics and planning begin on the first or second turn, and each turn can be an important one, involving critical decision making and strategy. Want to know how it's done? Check it out!

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  1. (9/15/13) Announcing Set 5: Harshest of Winters! Coming September 31st!
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